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Wasatch Arms was started by an interest which grew into a passion.  Mark Twain said that “If you love what you do, you'll never work another day in your life” which is why we started Wasatch Arms.  We are what you would call corporate fugitives who are always seeking a better way to do things and have fun.  We are enthusiasts for high end AR15s/M16s, parts & accessories, firearms, camping, fishing and generally all things outdoors.  We service the professional, hobbyist and the enthusiast. We have learned by much experience that 'if we won't use it, we shouldn’t be selling it.'

Wasatch Arms already stocks more than 350 products and has access to over 12,000 unique products.  This number is constantly growing and our manufacturer lines are expanding as we are always looking for new and improved products to provide to our customers.  If you have a suggestion you would like to share with our team, please let us know.

Customer feedback shapes our business and allows us to better serve our audience so your ideas are always welcome.

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